Our Approach

Our Goal

Midreshet Moriah
educates toward fear of Heaven;
love of Torah, its mitzvot, and its values;
develops a sense of mission, responsibility, and love
for the Jewish people, its destiny, its holy Land, and its State;
while focusing on the unique needs and talents of each and every student
and aspiring toward continual improvement, educational creativity, and pedagogic excellence.

ולך לך אל ארץ המוריה...
למקום שהוראה יצאה לעולם...למקום שיראה יצאה לעולם ... בראשית רבה,וירא סי' ז

Midreshet Moriah is a warm, caring family.

  • Our Family: Our learning community is like an extended family, a warm, welcoming environment, ideal for a year of real growth and maturation, both spiritual and personal. The personal connections you make will continue beyond the year and into life beyond, as our almost forty years of alumnae remain connected to us -- coming back for visits home to Midreshet Moriah, sharing semachot and updates, and staying connected with their teachers and mentors.
  • Personal attention: We provide a wide array of people to whom you may turn and who will seek you out as well: your Rakazet, teachers and Rabbanim, Madrichot, and our Em Bayit. Our teachers expect you to invite yourself for Shabbat, to consult them with your questions and seek their advice, and just to shmooze. Your Rakezet, a young woman teacher, will meet indvidually with you every week to learn or just shmooze. Teachers and Rabbanim make themselves available for private chavrutah and chaburah (small group) learning in the Bet Midrash day and night. Teachers accompany you on Shabbatonim, Tiyyulim, and at special activities. We firmly believe in providing role models with differing hashkafot so that each student may choose the one most suitable to her.


Midreshet Moriah is a real community.

  • Diverse students: Midreshet Moriah strives to create a true community. Rather than seeking students who all fit into a certain mold, we actively search for unique individuals with strengths of different kinds, like in a real-life community. Each of our students brings something special to enrich the Midreshet community: Some are talented in the Bet Midrash; others in Midot Tovot; others as leaders and doers. Our diversity makes the "year in Israel" a chance for you to learn not only from teachers and sefarim, but also from one another. We also seek diversity in the backgrounds of our students, seeking out students from smaller Jewish communities and from many different countries, in order to expose you to others with different experiences, creating new connections and broadening your horizons.
  • Diverse teachers: Just as we seek students who bring different strengths and perspectives, we seek the same in our faculty. Our dynamic faculty is drawn from a wide range of backgrounds, personalities, and teaching styles in order to make it possible for students of all kinds to learn from them, connect with them, find role models among them, and create lasting personal connections. In order to grow in Torah and Yir'at Shamayyim, one truly needs to connect with a teacher on a fundamental level, and at Midreshet we provide many different pathways toward this connection.


Midreshet Moriah looks at you as a unique individual.

  • Your unique schedule: Because we see our students as unique individuals, our educational program treats them as individuals. You design your personal schedule to match your interests, goals, and learning style. You can focus on Tanach, Halachah, Jewish Thought, or a balance of all we have to offer. You decide at what time you'll learn and when you'll have breaks. You find the right level of challenge, mixing rigorous textual shiurim with inspiring discussion-focused shiurim, mixing chavruta-based shiurim with frontal presentations. Our advisory staff (Rakazot) and faculty will help you decide.
  • A huge array of shiurim to choose from: Our schedule is designed to offer you the widest possible range of different topics, styles, and levels of learning, from advanced, rigorous textual analysis to inspiring sichot and mussar shiurim. If you're interested in Tanach, Halachah, Jewish Thought, Gemara, Mussar, Chasidut, Contemporary Machshavah and Hashkafah, Tefilah, Ethics, Jewish History, Zionism, and more, you'll find it all in our schedule. If you think of something we don't offer, you can arrange to learn it in chavruta with a teacher during a "Bet Midrash" hour.
  • Real growth means you choose it: The year in Israel is a time for a lot of serious thinking about where you're headed in life - not only college, but what kind of home and life you want to build for yourself in the future. Midreshet Moriah provides an ideal environment for growing in your love for Torah and mitzvot and your feeling of connection to Torah, Am Yisrael and Eretz Yisrael. Your teachers will equip you with the tools to discover levels of learning beyond anything you've experienced, inspire you to want more, and show you that there is more than just one way to live a life of Torah. In the end, though, only you can choose your path in life, and at Midreshet Moriah, we believe that the most meaningful decisions of all are those we make ourselves, without external pressure.


At Midreshet Moriah, the Torah is a "Torat Chaim":

  • Preparing for life: Midreshet Moriah provides you not only with Torah, but a "Torat Chaim" - the commitment, knowledge, midot and values which will enable you to bring Torah into your life in your parents' home, at university, as you enter the working world, and in your own home as you establish your own family. Our halachah shiurim, for example, provide guidance for challenging circumstances, such as interacting respectfully with those whose level of observance differs. Our machshavah shiurim challenge you to articulate your own beliefs as they train you to accept the legitimacy of other views. Special programs in the second half of the year prepare students for complex home situations and for thriving on the secular college campus.
  • Personal development: Midreshet Moriah sees the year in Israel as a time to grow not only spiritually, but also personally. Our program is designed to bring out and develop your independence, self-reliance, maturity, leadership qualities, and sense of responsibility.
  • Learning for Life: Midreshet Moriah provides the keys for you to create a passionate relationship with Torah through exciting, challenging shiurim, inspirational sichot, and in private and group chavrutot with our outstanding faculty. You will leave Midreshet Moriah not only with skills for independent learning, but also with a love for Torah which will make you want to use those skills by continuing on your own.


Medinat Yisrael!

  • Our teachers present powerful, personal Religious Zionist messages in their shiurim and sichot and in special Yemei Iyyun.
  • Yom HaAtzma'ut and Yom Yerushalayim are highlights of our year, celebrated with great simchah, dancing, chagigot and se'udot as we thank Hashem for the greatest miracle of modern times!


The successful Midreshet Moriah student:

  • The successful Midreshet Moriah student will approach life with a great love for Torah and mitzvot. She will be confident in her unique strengths, aware of her challenges, and sensitive to her responsibility to contribute to Am Yisrael. She will build a Torah home based on these values while maximizing her potential as a leader in the Jewish community. She will always see living in Eretz Yisrael as her ultimate destination.
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