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Kedusha is in What We See, Not Just In Our Mind

By: Mrs. Rena Coren

The opening pasuk of this week's parsha states- “Re'eh anochi notein lifneichem hayom bracha veklalah...”.  The Ohr Hachayim Hakadosh (brought down in the Netivot Shalom) asks why the pasuk uses the lashon of seeing (re'eh) the bracha and the klalah, as opposed to hearing, which is more appropriate to use in this context. The same question arises in parshat Nitzavim, where again the lashon of “re'eh” is used-” Re'eh natati lifanecha hayom et hachayim ve'et hamavet...”.  The word “shema”-hear or “da”- know, would have been more appropriate- why the usage of seeing?

    The Netivot Shalom explains beautifully that to know and to see are two completely different levels.  To know something in an abstract, intellectual way does not affect us to the extent as seeing something.  We can understand this from our own day and age, living in such a visually based society.  With one swipe or touch, we can be exposed to the most impure of sights that  cause tremendous spiritual and emotional damage.  As the Admor of Tolna says,the yetzer hara has established a 24 hour moving service where he can reach anybody, anywhere, at anytime and bring them down to the lowest of places.  On the other hand, kedusha, and emunah seem to exist mostly on an intellectual level- we don't see Hashem ,we don't see how kadosh every Jew is,  we don't see the impact of our mitzvot.  Can it be that the ability for kedusha to affect us is at a disadvantage, because it is not as tangible as tumah?

    It is for this reason that the pesukim in our parsha and in Nitzavim stress the word “re'eh”- to teach us that the koach of kedusha also exists on the level of sight, not just in the mind.  The difference is that it is encumbent upon us to put in effort to access this gift.  How can we do this?  “Re'eh”. In this one word Hashem tells us that the ability to see purity and holiness in a tangible manner can be achieved when we start filtering what we see and experience through the eyes of emunah. This means no more losing focus by outside values, distractions and superficialities. We need to look and see how much bracha we have when we live a life of Torah and absorb its values into our very being. We need to start noticing how good,meaningful and elevated life is when we follow in His ways. When we do this we will discover that in reality, the world around us is constantly revealing Hashem's presence. (Rav Pincus- Shabbat Malketa)

        In the zechut of our avodah to see the world through eyes of emunah and to focus on kedusha, may we be zoche for the ultimate “seeing”- “vetechezenah eineinu beshuvcha litziyon berachamim”.




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