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Yom Hashoa at Midreshet

Midreshet girls had a unique and amazing experience for Yom HaShoa. Michal was able to secure tickets to the National Yom Hashoa Tekes at Yad VeShem. Other people in attendance were, the President of Israel, Shimon Peres, Prime Minister Binyamin Natanyahu, and both the Ashkenazi and Sefaradi Chief Rabbis. It was a powerful and inspirational ceremony.


The next day, Yom Hashoa, we began with a seder limud. Together with their teachers the girls went through some of the Shaylot and Teshuvot that were asked during the Shoah. Then everyone walked up the street to a major intersection for the siren. Everyone was  amazed  to watch as the entire country stopped what they were doing and remembered those that were killed in the Shoah. Following the siren, we were joined by Rena Quint a child survivor of the Holocaust who shared with us her powerful and inspirational story. The girls also heard a presentation from Michal on Yad Va'Shem's effort to record and remember the names of all the victims of the Shoah. The Yom Hashoa programing concluded with a talk from Vicky on how survivors picked up and rebuilt their lives and the Jewish community after the Shoah.


On Wednesday we went up the street for a tour of Har Herzl. The tour was led by Midreshet Alumna Michelle Merrill Naftali. Michelle helped the girls understand the sacrifices that were made to make Medinat Yisrael a reality. As we head towards Yom Hazikaron and Yom Hatzmout the girls now have a better appreciation of what we are morning and what we are celebrating. 


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