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Midreshet Moriah 5770 has ended, but what an amazing end!

Or year end festivities started with a final Shabbaton in Midreshet. Before we could even get to Shabbat, many girls spent their final Thursday night finishing Sefer Bereshit with Rav Eitan. Throughout the night the girls studied, noshed and even enjoyed Rav Eitan's homemade potato kugel. Those girls who spent all night learning rested on Friday while others did some final erands before leaving Israel. Then it was time for Shabbat! The girl's were joined by the Mayers, Krohns, Porat-Zibmans, Starrs and Revis. Everything started with a womens only pre Shabbat ruach and Kabbalat Shabbat. Following Maariv everyone sat down for a Seudah that was filled with Divrei Torah, zemirot and of course lots of laughter. The night was highlighted with a Tisch which gave everyone a chance to sing, share Torah or their thoughts about their own growth over the course of this year. 


On Shabbat morning, everyone got up and went to the Beit Keneset in Shaarei Tzedek and then back to Midreshet for a kiddush. Then the girls went to the Beit Medrash for a session which gave them a chance to think about all the different events and activities that helped them grow over the course of the year. Everyone gathered for Seudat Shabbat and another meal full of ruach and Torah.  In the afternoon, the girls had a shiur with Rav Eitan giving a Torah perspective on saying goodbye followed by drama games with Devorah Starr that gave everyone a chance to let loose and have fun. The afternoon events concluded with a faculty panel on the topic of "growing spiritually outside of Midreshet." Shabbat concluded with a delicious Seudat Shlishit and a moving and inspirational Havdala. 


Finally it was time for our banquet to celebrate the conclusion of a wonderful year. All the girls got met in the lobby for a mystery bus ride. Most of the girls were not suprised when we returned to Mitzpeh Rechavim which was the the first place we went right after leaving the airport. As they were looking out at the beautiful view of Har Habayit and Yershalayim, the girls heard final and beautiful messages from Michal and Vicky. From there, we went to Ruthie Gershinsky's porch for our offical banquet. This year, several girls spoke, each to thank an individual teacher.  The messages were meaningful and truly gave a sense of the amazing relationships that Midreshet girls have with their teachers and faculty members. Other highlights of the evening were the video made by the madrichot, the comedic stylings of Betsy Magilnik and the inspirational words of Tali Wachspress. 


Following the banquet, it was time to say goodbye. There were many tears and promises to keep in touch. The faculty and staff of Midreshet would like to congratulate and thank the class of 5770 for an amazing year. We look forward tostaying in touch and hearing some of the wonderful things that you do. We will miss you, but are looking forward to the class of 5771. 



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