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Shabbat Ba-Bayit and the learning begins!

These are exciting times at Midreshet Moriah!

The year has gotten off to a great start. The opening Shabbaton was amazing. It gave the girls a chance to get to know some of the staff and provided many opportunities for them to bond. The girls were joined by Rabbi Berglas and Vicky, the Starrs, the Mayers, the Krohns, and our new Am Bayit Sarah Proops and her husband and baby. The atmosphere was full of excitement which began with a beautiful Carlbach Kabalat Shabbat and flowed through the entire Shabbat. Some highlights were when the teachers shared with the students what inspires them, icebreaker games with Rakezet Devorah Starr, and of course many festive meals. After Shabbat, the girls had a chance to hit the town. Some used this as an opportunity to get together with friends from home and camp, while others went together with new friends they met at Midreshet.

Sunday brought more orientation, but all that stopped at 4:00, when it was time for Midreshet to hit the beach.  There was swimming, hanging out, smores, and lots of fun. Everyone returned to Yerushalayim tired but excited to be a part of Midreshet Moriah 5771. Tuesday brought registration, and the girls worked hard to find the perfect schedule. The excitement that the girls showed as they picked their Shiurim shows that we have a great year of Limud Torah ahead.

On Wednesday afternoon, the Torah learning officially began with the start of classes. Students could be heard commenting how nice their teachers are, and the teachers have all expressed their happiness about our wonderful group of girls. We are off to a fantastic beginning, and hopefully everything will just keep getting better!


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