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Zman Choref Begins!

Following a wonderful Sukkot, Midreshet returned to many new activities and opportunities. On Sunday, the girls were able to give back, with an optional trip to Leket Israel, an organazation that saves food from restaurants and catering halls and brings it to the poor of Israel. They also harvest the food that farmers do not want and bring that to the poor, which is what we did on Sunday.  Rav Ezra and twenty girls boarded a bus and set out to work the land of Israel. They were assigned to the onion fields, and in over an hour of hard work, the students of Midreshet Moriah were able to pick more than 1,100 pounds of onions.  After being awarded T-shirts for their hard work and a brief stop for ice cream, the girls returned to Midreshet to prepare for the first day back in class.
The first day back was no ordinary day. We started with a Yom Iyun titled “My Journey of Personal Growth.” This day gave the girls a chance to think about some of the ways that they can improve as individuals. Highlights of the day were Rav Ezra’s shiur, entitled, “Pirkei Avot Goes to Hollywood,” where some of the universal lessons of Pirkei Avot were reinforced with clips from movies, TV, and music. The Rakazot ran an exciting Midot workshop, and Rena Coren gave tips on growing spiritually. The day concluded with an inspiring talk from Rav Judah Mischel of Yeshivat Reishit on some practical ways to grow and improve.
We'll spend the rest of the week on our annual tiyul to Eilat. Another year of Midreshet girls are going to get the chance to experience the excitment of Har Shlomo, watersports and the beauty of the Negev!


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