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Midreshet visits the Holy City of Hevron

This week got off to an exciting start with a tiyyul to Hevron and Kfar Etzion.  Sunday morning, we loaded the buses to head to the holy city of Hevron.  The day started in the home of Bracha, whose family has lived in Chevron for many years.  She told the girls about the struggles of first settling there, living in caravans, and the eventual joy and triumph in being allowed to build beautiful apartments and establish a community.
Rav Simcha Hochbaum of Hevron took the girls around to show them different areas of Chevron and tell the story of the resettlement of this important city.  After a break for pizza lunch, everyone went into Ma’arat Ha-Machpelah to daven minchah.  Then we headed to Kfar Etzion for an audio-visual presentation about the pioneers who settled and resettled the region, risking and giving their lives in dire circumstances to defend an important piece of our land.


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