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Special Tiyyul: David Project

Tuesday, 25 students of David Project class began the day at special kind of archaeological dig -sifting through the debris taken out of Solomon's Stables at Emek Zukim in Jerusalem.  We found pottery, a stone from the first Bet Hamikdash, a coin from the Hashmonaim era, colored glass, metal, mosaics - the ancient past of Jerusalem at out fingertips.  Then, on to Bet Choshen on Har Hazetim.  We looked right into Har HaBayit - what a view - what a place for us to daven mincha.  Rav Aaron Wexler gave us a historical overview of our connection to Eretz Yisrael and helped us realize that G-d gave us this land.  Off to Holon and the Wolfson Medical Center where we learned about the Save A Child's Heart Organization, met one of the volunteer PCU doctors and then met some of the children and mothers at their "home".  We had time to play with them, do an arts and craft project with them and give them one more hug.  Tired after a full day of learning and fun we returned to Mid Mo feeling more connected to Eretz Yisrael and Am Yisrael.


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