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Midreshet Moriah F.A.Q.

* Where do Midreshet students come from? Does Midreshet have more girls from the NY / NJ area than other seminaries? Usually, at least 50% of our students come from outside the NY/NJ area. This year, for example, 32 of our students are from outside NY/NJ (London, Manchester, Australia, Toronto, Montreal, Memphis, Boca Raton, Los Angeles, Miami, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Chicago, Boston, Baltimore), and 31 are from the NY/NJ area. Click here to hear directly from our students what Midreshet is like! * What are Midreshet girls like? How friendly are they? Midreshet girls are friendly, open, full of life, energy and enthusiasm, eager to make new friends and open to all the new experiences of the year in Israel. (Come visit and see for yourself!) The alumnae below would love to tell you all about what it’s like to spend the year at Midreshet. Ask them all your questions! By email, phone, or Facebook... Tova Medetsky (Shulamith): 917-669-4264 Molly Geller (Dallas, SAR): Elisheva Matanky (Chicago, Ida Crown): Ayala Mocton (Hasmonean, London): 07852241258 Sharona Elmaleh (Toronto): Lauren Horowitz (Ma’ayanot, Teaneck): 201-600-5449 Danielle Wolkowicz (Boca Raton): 561-302-9526 Audrey Gerber (Cleveland): 402-250-6937 Rebecca Rubin (HAFTR): 516-316-7402 Betsy Magilnick (Los Angeles): Tikki Miodownick (HANC): Aliza Saltzburg (Bruriah): Ariella Perl (Ma’ayanot, Teaneck): 201-478-2975 Tali Wachspress (North Shore): 516-359-8150 Itta Remer (Los Angeles): Ashley Decter (HAFTR): 516-376-4963 * What’s Midreshet’s hashkafah / educational philosophy? Midreshet Moriah is a Dati-Leumi (Religious Zionist) seminary guided by the hashkafah of Rav Soloveitchik and Rav Kook. We educate toward Yirat Shamayyim (fear of Heaven); love of Torah, its mitzvot, and its values; develop in our students a sense of mission, responsibility, and love for the Jewish people, its destiny, its holy Land, and its State; while focusing on the unique needs and talents of each and every student; and aspiring toward continual improvement, educational creativity, and pedagogic excellence. * What kind of Chesed can I sign up for at Midreshet? Can I volunteer in Shaare Zedek Hospital? What’s special about our Chesed Program is the chance to volunteer right next door at Shaare Zedek Hospital. This year, we’re taking care of adorable newborn babies! In addition, our students can volunteer each year at a wide range of organizations and projects in Yerushalayyim. For full details, email our Chesed Coordinator, Rav Ezra. * How often does Midreshet have Shabbatonim? What if I don't have places to go for Shabbat? Our dorm is always open, with Shabbat meals provided, for girls who want to stay in for a quiet Shabbat. Our teachers will also want to invite you to their homes -- just speak to Sarah, our Em Bayyit, and she’ll arrange things for you. School shabbatonim are about once a month. * What about Yom Tov? For Rosh Ha-Shanah, all of Midreshet goes away together and we enjoy beautiful tefilot led by our own teachers. For Yom Kippur, you’re invited to your teachers’ homes; for Chol Ha-Mo’ed (Sukkot and Pesach), the dorm is open. We spend Shavuot learning together at Midreshet, with most of the all-night learning composed of shiurim presented by our own students! * How do Midreshet students make connections with teachers? What if I’m not so outgoing? Our faculty is eager to have you over for Shabbat (everyone at Midreshet has already spent at least one Shabbat with a teacher) and learn with you in small intimate groups or one-on-one in our Beit Midrash. You’ll have a personal faculty mentor (Rakezet) who will meet with you every week for personal time! Bracha, our Director of Guidance, works hard to make sure everyone feels connected! * Does Midreshet pressure its students to turn out a certain way at the end of the year? We attract a very diverse group of students each year, and our goal is to help them achieve their personal best. We work hard to inspire our students and show them how exciting and engaging Torah is, but in the end, we believe that growth is real only when you choose it yourself and develop at your own pace. * Is there a feeling of competition between the students at Midreshet? One of our teachers said it best: Midreshet is a place of “relaxed intensity,” where the learning is serious and intense, but there’s no feeling of pressure and competition. The atmosphere is positive, warm, friendly and relaxed. Come visit and see for yourself! * How textual is the learning at Midreshet? We build our schedule to offer loads of choice -- what topics you’ll learn, what level of challenge is ideal for you, text vs. discussion shiurim, classes vs. independent learning, how much chavruta you’ll have, and when you’ll have breaks. In short, you can find the balance that works perfectly for you. On the other hand, if you don’t like textual learning and are really seeking just inspiration and discussion, we wouldn’t be the right place. (Come visit and try out our shiurim!) * How do I know if my skills and background will be strong enough? We have a wide range of academic backgrounds among our students. One of our jobs in interviewing you and speaking to your teachers will be to figure out whether Midreshet is a good match for you in terms of the learning we offer. Leave it to us :-) * Making my own schedule sounds great, but a little overwhelming. Who helps me? No worries! Your Rakezet (personal faculty mentor) will go over your rough draft with you and help you decide what to try out first, then our Director, Vicky, and Menahel Chinuchi, Rav Eitan, will help you register and maybe make a few suggestions. You spend the first few weeks trying out shiurim, changing your schedule whenever you want, and then submit your final schedule. * Are there any classes I have to take? If so, which ones? We keep requirements to a minimum so you’ll be free to make your own choices. Some shiurim, like Hilchot Shabbat, are taken by all students, but you’ll have a choice there too, between a bottom-line practical shiur and a more source-based shiur. * What are the dorms like at Midreshet? How many girls per room? Our dorm is unique because everyone’s together on one floor, on one long hallway, so our students get to know each other quickly and spend the year really united together. The rooms each have a refrigerator and a bathroom, and it’s usually three to a room. * Who takes care of me if I’m not well? Our Em Bayyit and her staff of Madrichot will take care of you and help you make medical appointments if you need to see a doctor. * Will I get to tour Israel during my year at Midreshet? What places will we see? We have a trip or special event about every other week, with half-day and full-day tiyyulim and longer trips to the Galil/Golan and to Eilat. Trips are a great chance for a break and lots of bonding! * How many meals are served each day at Midreshet? We serve three meals on days when shiurim are in session. Monday nights we’re off, so people tend not to be around much for dinner. Girls who are here cook for themselves or get dinner right across the street from the pizza place, shawarma place, sushi place, falafel place, Cafe Hillel, English Cake... * Where is Midreshet located? How close is it to the Kotel? What kind of transportation is available near Midreshet? We’re located right next door to Shaare Zedek Hospital, adjacent to Bayyit Ve-Gan. Because of the hospital, there’s a cab stand right outside our door and lots of buses too. We’re about a 40-minute walk to the Kotel (we all walk there together on Shavuot morning after all-night learning!). * How do I do laundry? There are large American-style washers and dryers in our building, or you can send your stuff across the street to a laundry service. * What conveniences & services are available in the neighborhood? Right across the street is a pharmacy, supermarket, bank, cleaner, lots of restaurants (see above), and more... * Where can I find more info about Midreshet? Go back up to the top and you’ll find contact info for lots of alumnae you can contact. Check out our website or email our office. Here’s our video too. Click here to hear directly from our students what Midreshet is like! And you’re invited to come visit and see for yourself! * What are the important dates in the admissions process? Wed, Dec 1: applications are due ( Nov-Dec: interviews (ask your school when we’re coming) Wed, Jan 12: Midreshet informs applicants of admissions decisions Thu, Feb 10: applicants let us know whether they’ll be joining us for the year!


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