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MisheNichnas Adar Marbim B'Simcha!

Well, the statement of the Mishna certainly holds true at Midreshet! The fun started even before Rosh Chodesh with an amazing Shabbat at Midreshet. After the great Shabbaton we had in school on Chanukah, this one definitely lived up to everyone's expectations. The girls were joined by teachers and their families and everyone had a wonderful time spending Shabbat together. We began with a beautiful Kabalat Shabbat, filled with singing and dancing. Next we moved on to our Seudat Shabbat and were treated to the delicious food of Fagie and the wonderful words of Torah from Alisa Schnitzer and our Madricha, Sivan Kerem. From there the girls went to the Beit Midrash for a session focused on improving our personal relationships and adherence to mitzvot 'Bein Adom Lechavaro'. It was after that session when everything really got interesting. We had our traditional Friday night oneg, but with a twist - a dessert baking contest and a rakezet group singing competition! The ruach was amazing and everyone had a great time. Shabbat day was filled with tefilah, shiurim, delicious food and a meaningful Dvar Torah given by Adina Collins. The day climaxed with beautiful singing and a spiritual Havdalah, an emotional end to an awesome Shabbat.

But things were just getting started…At the conclusion of Havdalah and the beginning of Adar Bet, it was time for Color War! The Color War was brilliantly organized and planned by Danielle Chustckie and Sarah Rose. They divided the girls into two teams; Team Manhigim (leaders-red) and Team Melachim (kings-purple). If we started listing the highlights of this amazing day we would be here till Purim. What we can say, is that the competition was fierce but everyone had fun and all the girls did an amazing job! Mazal Tov to team Manhigim on their victory!

When the day was over, all teachers dragged themselves home and probably went straight to bed but the Midreshet girls were not done yet. It was time for the yearly office prank and this year the girls really outdid themselves. "Do not enter! Crime scene!" notices were plastered all over the office door warning us of what awaited inside….the office was transformed into a CIS crime scene! It was a great prank and all the teachers and office staff appreciated the student's creativity and effort (despite the mess!).

If anyone had not yet noticed that it was Adar and that Purim spirit was in the air, Monday brought the annual Rosh Chodesh Breakfast featuring omelets prepared by the teachers and the staff. Not only is the Midreshet faculty made up of exceptional educators, it also has many fine Chef's and the girls were treated to a gourmet breakfast. Yum!

Finally, the time had come to get back to some learning and of course more preparations for Purim.


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