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Tree pruning, matza baking and more...

It was a really busy week, starting on Sunday night with our pre-Pesach Seder where the girls shared divrei Torah and songs. On Tuesday morning Midreshet Moriah set out to assist the JNF in tree pruning! We learnt that thousands of people every year plant trees in Israel, yet there is a lot of work that is required in maintaining the trees themselves. After spending a morning in one of the JNF forests right outside Yerushalayim, we are proud to have pruned almost a hundred trees that day! Check out the great pics!

Wednesday night a Matzah baking crew came to Midreshet and taught us how to bake Matzot for Pesach. The girls mixed the flour and water according to the accurate ratio that makes it halachically acceptable to be eaten over Pesach and after kneading the dough, they baked the Matzot. Afterwards the girls had an opportunity to ask Halachic questions on Matzah baking.  You can see it our picture gallery of course!



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