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A Blue and White Week

What a time to be in Israel!



After an amazing Shabbat in Neve Daniel, Midreshet donned blue and white together with the entire country as we mourned our fallen soldiers and then celebrated 63 years of Israel's independence. Sunday night, the girls attended the Masa ceremony bringing in Yom HaZikaron and on Monday, Yom HaZikaron, we started the day hearing from Tzvi Mark, a graduate of Berman Academy in Silver Spring, MD who was accepted to West Point Military Academy but after one year decided to leave and join the Israeli Army. What an inspiration! Afterwards, the girls walked up to Har Herzl and spent a few hours there, visiting and saying tehillim at soldeirs' graves. Some girls talked to the families of these fallen soldiers and were inspired by true stories of Israel's heroes.





As evening fell we began to feel the holiday spirit in the air as Yom Ha'atzmaut approached. We joined the Neve Daniel community, once again, for their tekes ma'avar, the ceremony transitioning from Yom HaZikaron to Yom Ha'Atzmaut and  after a festive Tefillah, we celebrated at Rav Eitan's house with food and dancing. What a way to bring in the day! The celebration continued to the next morning! 




On Yom Ha'Atzmaut, Midreshet traveled to Neve Aliza to the Berglas home, with a quick stop in Ariel to see first-hand one of Israel's many Tzahal Fairs. At the Berglas's we danced in the streets, sang, ate, played softball and heard the story of the Berglas's dream to start a Yishuv. They are truly inspiring role models for all of us, and we had a phenomenal day at in their Yishuv!  



You too can experience the Midreshet week through our pics.....check 'em out soon. 


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