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How fast the year has come to an end! It seems like only last week that we had our first Shabbat babayit whereas in reality we just had our last.

Our last  Shabbat  was very emotional for all as we began to draw a close on what can only be described as a fantastic year.   

The following evening we all came together again, both students and faculty, for a wonderful Farewell Banquet hosted in the beautiful home of our very own Ruthie. The girls gave words of thanks to each and every member of staff and made a presentation to the Bet Midrash.   Throughout the evening we were addressed by a number of staff, as well as Alisa Schnitzer who spoke beautifully on behalf of all the students thanking Midreshet for a wonderful year.

It is with great sadness that we have to say goodbye to all the girls but we look forward to welcoming some back next year for shana bet and hearing all the exciting news from those who are now called alumnae.

Farewell for now. 






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