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Celebrating a Miracle

Midreshet celebrated Yom Ha'Atzmaut starting Wednesday evening at Nevei Daniel, where we participated in the yishuvs 'tekes ma'avar'.   The ceremony included performances by the children of Nevei Daniel, singing, and dancing and was concluded by a joyous Tefillat Maariv together in Nevei Daniel's beautiful shul. Following Tefillah, the students headed to Rav Eitan's house, which is just down the road and had a festive dinner of traditional Israeli felafel and salad. After a night of dancing and eating felafel, an exhausted yet exhilarated Midreshet class returned to the dorms for the night.

The festivities continued the next morning  as we headed to see an I.D.F. exhibition, and then continued on to Rabbi and Vicky Berglas's home in Neve Aliza, where Midreshet Moriah has traditionally celebrated Yom Ha'Atzmaut for many years. It was a beautiful afternoon of dancing in the streets, the annual Midmo baseball game, singing Israeli songs kumzits style, and of course a delicious BBQ catered by our very own Fagie Reves. Vicky shared with the students the truly inspirational story of the founding of Neve Aliza. It was a perfect way to celebrate the miracle of Israel's independence.

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