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Midreshet Goes Ethnic

Last Wednesday evening was our ethnic evening. We experienced a culture shock as a Yehudit, a Yemenite woman, joined us and together we created a traditional Yemenite Henna (pronounced “cheena”). This is a pre-marriage ceremony, celebrated by Yemenite Jews (usually a week before the wedding). In Yemen, girls married very young and this ritual was to prepare the bride for her marriage. Today, the Henna ceremony focuses more on the couple, and on blessing them and their future journey together. To create an authentic atmosphere, Yehudit brought a suitcase filled with the traditional garb including robes and headgear for everyone- both male and female "costumes". Becca Mason was honoured as the groom and Shulie Just-Michael was her beautiful bride. They were dressed in the traditional bride and groom clothing (not an easy task!) and together, we performed the Yemenite songs and dances we had learnt.  It was a fantastic and really special evening.



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