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Go Shana Bet!

Monday night, after endless preparation and much effort, Shana Bet's comedy night to raise money for Jobkatif (an organization to help former Gush Katif residents find jobs and begin new businesses) was an amazing success! Close to 200 people from all over the community came to hear a great performance by comedian Yisrael Campell (originally from Philidalphia, now Israel) and support the cause by buying raffle tickets for the amazing prizes that were donated; Art work, Judaica, food, gift baskets, an ipod, Hadaya jewelry, books,…there were 46 prizes in all. Overall, the event raised over 10,000 shekel and the state triples the amount so that the total reached over 40,000 shekels! WHAT A HUGE SUCCESS! We are so proud of them!!



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