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Adar is here and so is....COLOR WAR!

After a great Shabbat Babayit, we ended Shabbos with a bang… It was color war!!!! The madrichot ran into the Beit Midrash and threw purple and blue shirts everywhere, with papers listing the teams. There were two teams, Beit Midrash (purple) and Beit Knesset (blue). The captains of the blue team were Abby, Rayli, and Rachel, and the captains of the purple team were Sarah, Jasmine and Shira.  Adar fun was about to begin…

The next day, Rosh Chodesh Adar, we woke up at 5am to go to the Kotel and daven Vatikin. After we left the Kotel, we started color war in the old city and running thru Mamila and working our way to Gan Haatzmaut where we had all different kinds of races, and activities. Lucky for us, it was a beautiful day. Blue or purple, we were running, singing and dancing in the streets. We had snacks and even made human pyramids! We did relay races with potato sacks, ropes and all other sorts of outdoor activities. When we got back to school we had Torah Bowl, where Rav Eitan asked questions about Purim and Pessach. There were three shifts of four girls from each team up on stage at once…it got intense! We also played board games, musical chairs and some sports; everyone had a great time.  

We took another (much needed) break for dinner and then we had the final ceremony. Each team decorated half the stage, to represent their theme and then they presented their mascot, their stomp, their artwork and their song. It was incredible how in one day each team put together beautiful songs and artwork.  Once we did all that, Avichayil did one last cheer and announced the winners…Beit Knesset(blue)!



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