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This week at Midreshet, we began to get a glimpse of the amazing Adar atmosphere - both the fun and the spiritual side. 

Our staff was greeted first thing Tuesday morning to the annual "Midmo Adar prank." This year, we chose a Yerushalayim theme and spent late night hours decorating the office as different parts of Jerusalem including the shuk, Meah She'arim, Shaarei Tzedek, Midreshet (of course) and more! 

Last night, we were treated to a guest speaker, Rav Aharon Willig who discussed the deeper meaning of Esther's task to approach the king in order to save the Jews. Like Esther, he said we must "think big" and all try our hardest to discover our purpose in life and fulfill it for the betterment of the Jewish people. 

Wednesday night, we packed Mishlochei Manot for the children in the hospital. After the Seudah on Monday (Shushan Purim), girls from Midreshet will be personally delivering them.

But this is just the beginning of all of the great things Purim has in store - we just got the inside scoop; tonight in the dorms, we'll be baking Hamentaschen with our Madrichot! Stay tuned for more…..

Chag Purim Sameach!!



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