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What a Purim!!

This week at Midreshet we celebrated Purim and Shushan Purim. The celebrations began on Sunday as  we headed off to the Gush to 'bar-hop' at different teachers houses. Each teacher's house had a different food bar; Salad bar at Leora's, Potato bar at Bracha's and an Ice Cream bar at Rav Eitan's. It was a lot of fun and the teachers were very open and inviting. Later on that evening we heard Megillah in our very own Beit Midrash – Purim in Yerushalyim had officially begun! Wearing costumes with the theme “Around the World”, we had an amazing Purim Chagigah! Together with Vicky, Ruthie, Leora, Yehudis, Sepha and Neima, we ate a Barbeque dinner, danced and watched Purim shpiels put together by Emma Stein and Shuli Just-Michael and our amazing Madrichot. Emma and Shuli did a great job getting the whole Midreshet involved and we laughed a whole lot, especially to the Madrichot's mashup to gangnam style (check it out on you tube). We also had a special guest appearance from a renowned Rebbe (who bared a strong resemblance to Rav Lerner) who gave blessings to us all.

Purim day we walked to an old age home to listen to megillah along with the elders. It was so nice to be with people of a different generation and see how they too were excited when booing Haman. We danced and talked - it was such a nice way to start of the day. After that, we had a seuda with Rav Berglas and Vicky, Bracha, Sarah Proops and Rav Eitan. It really had a homey feeling with the meal prepared by our very own Fagie, otherwise known as the 'Gush Gourmet". The food was amazing! It was a dairy themed seudah with pasta, quiche and cheese cake. Yum! The party had just got started when Rav Ron arrived dressed up as gangnam style and sang his own “Midmo Style”.   After the Seuda, we all had time to roam around Jerusalem and see how everyone celebrated their own Shushan Purim. We all truly had a Purim filled with memories and experiences that we will never forget.

After 2 days (actually 2 weeks…) of celebrating Purim it was time to put the shtik aside and get back into routine as per our regular learning schedule with in mind that Pesach is just around the corner. So much to learn, so little time…..


Until next week, Shabbat Shalom



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