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Running with Pride

It has been another great week at Midreshet Moriah. Even before the week started, we had the privilege to participate in the Jerusalem Marathon. Many girls had the opportunity to run either the 10km or half marathon for all types of organizations. We all ran with so much pride, as we were running for such amazing organizations.

On Monday morning we had a very special guest come to Midreshet Moriah; The Kalover Rebbe. The Rebbe gave a very inspiring shiur and afterwards gave each and every girl a personal bracha. We feel very privileged (and blessed!) to have met this amazing Rebbe!

Later that day we had a Haggadah sale from Pommeranz booksellers where we had the difficult task of deciding between so many different types of Haggadot. With the help of our teachers many girls bought not only one Haggadah, but two!

On Monday night, our school hosted the Heritage meeting for the seminaries that are part of the program. It was very nice to meet all the girls who are going to Poland and it got everyone very excited.

On Tuesday, we baked matzah! It was lots of fun because it gave us the opportunity to learn how matzah is really made and all the work that is put into it. Every girl had their own piece of dough and had the opportunity to make their own matzah.

That night, our rakazot and teachers led a model Seder. The seder was split between five sections/tables, each one dealing with a different topic of the seder. Not only were there different topics, but each table had different types of food to represent their topic. It was fun to learn the many approaches to the seder and we can’t wait to apply what we've learnt at our own seders at home!

After so many months, Sarah Proops, our Em Bayit, returned and we couldn’t be more excited and happy to have her back!

Wednesday night we had a question and answer panel for any last minute questions before we go home for Pesach.  Not only did we have this panel, but every day during lunch time this week, we have had many different shiurim about Pesach. This has been such a great week, and we are going to miss everyone so much over Pesach break!

Dalia Muskat-Brown, Toronto, Ontario, Shana Alef

Ayala Tammam, West Orange, NJ, Shana Alef




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