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Getting Ready

We had a busy week preparing for Pesach and getting ready for Poland.

Last Wednesday night, we participated in a mock seder were there were five different sessions, each representing a different aspect of pesach. There was the shevat haminim led by Bracha Krohn, the Korban Pesach led by Yehudis Smith, Karpas represented Lauren Goldshmidt, Matzah by Rina Zinkin and Aliza Rothstein- the four cups. Each gave a different shiur which will definitely uplift our seder night this Pesach.

On Thursday night, we had a special Mishmar held by Bracha's father, Rabbi Shapiro. He spoke about the two parts of the Seder, giving us some insight into the difference of remembering and telling the story of Yetziat Mitzrayim. This was followed by all night learning with Rav Eitan on the story of Yaacov. We started at 11.30 with home baked snacks  and went on till 5am!  

The rest of the week was taken up with girls preparing for Pesach; learning, cleaning and packing.  Whether going to Poland, home or staying in our REAL home, Eretz Yizrael, we hope everyone has a Chag kasher Ve'Sameach!


Rivka Freund, London, UK, Shana Alef

Abby Kaye, Cedarhurst, NY, Shana Alef


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