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Welcome Back!

Welcome back everybody! As Pesach break came to a close, we returned to Midreshet for a meaningful program for Yom HaShoah. Sunday night, Rav Ahron Wexler and Leora Bednarsh led a discussion group after we watched the movie "God on Trial." The movie was about an alleged group in one of the concentration camps who raised questions and approaches regarding God's role in the Shoah; whether God had broken his covenant with the Jewish People.

The next morning we had chavruta time and learned about some of the questions that the Jews would ask the Rabbi's in the Ghetto regarding Pesach. We were able to see how the Jews were able to remain strong in their Emunah during the Shoah. We were so happy to hear Michal to speak and sum up the session! At 10:00 AM, we stood outside and heard the siren. The siren sounds for one minute and the entire country stands in silence no matter where they are and remembers the six million Jews who perished in the Shoah. Finally, Mrs. Fieffer, a survivor (and Vicky's sixth grade teacher), came to tell us her story and helped us understand a little more what it was like for Lithuanian Jews during the war. It was truly a privilege to hear from Mrs. Fieffer as today there are not so many survivors to serve as live witnesses to the Shoah and share first account stories of their strength to survive.

On a lighter note, getting back in the routine of classes has been really great! Everyone is feeling refreshed and is eager to get back into their learning and to pick of chavrutot that were postponed over the break.

Surprise! In honor of Rosh Chodesh Iyar, after Beit Midrash on Wednesday night, we had a bus to take us to daven maariv at the Kotel!

We are all looking forward to what should be an inspiring Yom Iyun on Tzionut on Thursday, and Shabbat in Neve Daniel!

Shabbat Shalom!

Alex Gordon, Shana Alef, Lincolnwood, IL.

Soochi Heideman, Shana Alef, Edison, NJ


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