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Blue and White Week!

This week's Midreshet News is jam packed - beginning with Shabbat and continuing with Yom Hazikaron and Yom Ha'atzmaut - Sarah, Yael and Rebecca have written it all down just for you so 'read more' and enjoy!


After having a day dedicated to learning about Tziyonut, we were all fortunate enough to spend Shabbat together in Neve Daniel. The theme of this Shabbat was practical living in Eretz Yisrael and the importance of Aliyah. First, we were divided up into different families among the Yeshuv and it was great to experience the family's lifestyles directly. As Shabbat entered we watched the beautiful sunset while praying Kabalat Shabbat. Dinner was in shul followed by a speaker, Rabbi Hirschorn, who spoke about the initiation of the Yeshuv and how people coped with the bare necessities. This was not only inspirational but taught us the power of being proactive. We ended the night with a group tish.

Shabbat morning we went to our host's shuls for shacharit followed by lunch with them for a chance to bond and to question. After lunch some of us went to Rav Ron's for some Shabbat fun and learned how to double dutch jump rope with his family. We all met up at the main shul in the afternoon to hear some of the working women in the Yeshuv speak about how they, along with their families, settled in and adjusted to the Israeli lifestyle. Additionally, we were privileged to hear Laura Ben David (one of the passengers on the first Nefesh Benefesh flights) speak about her journey to Israel and how she is now involved in helping others make Aliyah. For Seuda Shlishit we went over to Rav Eitan's house and heard beautiful Divre Torah from Rav Ron and Jasmine.

Sunday night was the start of Yom Hazikaron. Midreshet Moriah took us to Latrun for a tekes (ceremony) commemorating all the soldiers we lost in battle. It was full of inspirational stories and songs that helped depict the idea of living for something bigger then ourselves, which is exactly what our soldiers do for us every day of our lives. They spend sleepless hours in uncomfortable situations so that we could do something as ordinary as walk across the street and buy a coffee. The next day we heard the story of an injured soldier (fun fact: Evyatar was his commander). We then, as a school, walked up to Har Herzl to commemorate the fallen soldiers. We stood there during the siren and all felt a sense of unity and pride in our nation.

On a happier note, Monday night was the start of Yom Ha'atzmaut. We went to Efrat and joined in their tekes. There was a very cute performance by the children of Efrat, celebrating the growth and expansion of Efrat since its beginning, 30 years ago. We watched the fireworks and then went over to Bracha's house for the best falafel in Israel (!). Tuesday morning, on our way to Rav Berglas and Vicky's house in Neve Aliza, we stopped in the town of Ariel for a photo op. (check us out on 'Midreshet Moriah - the page' on Facebook). At The Berglas' we had a fun filled chagigah and a barbecue catered by, our one and only, Fagie ('The Gush Gourmet'). There was some rain (which was a blessing…) so we went inside to sing some songs led by a two man band. Afterwards we went outside to play some really competitive softball (We're only kidding, no one is competitive in Midreshet, only in our learning :)). Vicky then told us how Neve Aliza was established (by the Berglas's, of course) and what brought the Berglas' to make Aliyah and settle there. We ended off with a beautiful Hatikvah.

This week was packed with so many amazing experiences that really connected us to our Land and people. We are all sad to say goodbye to Jasmine who is going home for her brothers Bar Mitzvah (Mazel Tov). We had such an amazing year together and we're so happy that she got to be here for the most exciting week (so far) of the year.  


Shabbat Shalom!

Sarah Frohwein, Hendon, London, Yael Hausdorff, West Orange, NJ, Rebecca Farkas, Bergenfield, NJ





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