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Heading North!

This week at Midreshet Moriah we heard from a kiruv speaker and left for a three day tiyul up north.

Monday afternoon, Rabbi Glasser, the head of the New Jersey region for NCSY, spoke to us about how we can be involved in kiruv during our college years. It was very inspiring to know that we can make a difference for Am Yisroel at such a young age. 

Tuesday morning we woke up bright and early to head to our three day tiyul in the north. Due to the rain we had a change of plans and ended up taking a scenic hike from Nachal Meiron to Nachal Amud. We hiked along the river bed and we even had a chance to swim in the middle of the hike. Even though our legs were throbbing by the end, the beautiful scenery made it all worthwhile. After our hike we headed to a gorgeous lookout point of the Kinneret to daven mincha. At the end of the long day we arrived at Keshet, a youth hostel in the Golan, with delicious food waiting for us and comfortable beds.  After dinner our madrichot planned a fun and bonding activity, which included games and star gazing. 

Wednesday morning we headed to Nachal Zavitan and we split up into two groups. One group went on a four hour hike and the second group went on a strenuous six hour hike. We hiked through a nature reserve along a river. It had gorgeous views ranging from springs to waterfalls to cliffs. By the end of the hike we were all exhausted and were happy to be greeted with ice cream and watermelon. We then continued on our journey to the Jordan river to go rafting. It was so refreshing to finally cool off from the long hike. Later that day we got back to the hostel and had a barbeque and heard a shiur from Bracha about human relationships.

This week has been amazing and it's not over yet! We can't wait to see what's in store for us on Thursday.

Stay tuned for more about our tiyul in next week's news and amazing photos!


Penina Edery, Highland Park, NJ

Aviva Zimmerman, Northbrook, IL


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