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Another eventful week!

Hello Midreshet Moriah family! As usual, we had a very eventful week!  

On Monday afternoon, we all attended Masa’s final closing event for the year.  There, we heard from top Israeli athletes Arik Zeevi, Karen Lebowits and Andi Ram who shared their inspiring and personal journeys with us and spoke about the challenges of representing Israel in the world of sports.

The next speaker was the leader of the Bayit Yehudi party, Nafatali Bennet. He spoke about the unity of the Israeli nation. Unfortunately, despite the organizers plea to the participants to be respectful, Bennet was interrupted by left wing protesters. This was very disturbing to many of us who felt that it was not the right place or time.

The program concluded with Natan Sharansky sharing the inspiring story of his captivity by the Soviet Russians. He spoke about what freedom really is and how he was freer as a believing Jew in captivity than the Russians who guarded him.   

Tuesday Night, we were visited by the Shalom Task Force. Divided into three groups, we each had a speaker who spoke to us about the unfortunate reality of abusive relationships. We were taught to recognize the warning signs of a relationship that is or can become abusive and how to prevent it.

Today we are going on a Keren Kayemet tiyul – you'll hear all about that in next week's news….

Have a GREAT shabbos everyone!!

Emma Cohen and Bina Colman


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