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What a Week it's Been....

This is sadly our final week before leaving our beloved home, Midreshet Moriah. What a year it has been. It seems that just last week we were getting used to sharing a hallway with 59 unknown faces; girls we now call our close friends. Well, what a week is has been....

This week Vicky beamed as she introduced her father, Rav Schonfeld to us. We were privileged to hear him speak at this week's shiur klali. Rav Schonfeld shared with us his experiences as a student of Rav Soloveitchik and the connection between a student and his Rebbe. 

The halls were alive with the sound of Midreshet girls excitedly preparing for our very own Michelle Caren's wedding to Chaim Portal this Monday! Our beautiful bride looked radiant as she walked down to the chuppah to her awaiting chatan. The dancing was joyous and the simcha was tangible in the air. May Michelle and Chaim build a Bayit Ne'aman b'Yisrael and may we share in many more smachot together! 

No one can believe that this is out last week at Midreshet Moriah. Everyone is pouring their hearts into their learning, and putting in 110%, making it count. Our teachers and Rabbeim are wrapping up there final lessons; finishing their classes with a bang. Throughout the course of this short year, we were taught how to approach learning on our own. We have been guided to never give up on our desire for continued growth, and God willing our learning will continue on even stronger after this year. Thank you to our entire faculty at Midreshet for their constant commitment to our learning and guidance throughout the year making an impact on our future. 

Gabriella Stein and Rivka Heller


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