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They're Here!

Welcome Midreshet 5774! On Tuesday, the new Midreshet students of 5774 landed safely in Israel. Rav Eitan, Vicky, Bracha and our Madrichot Katie, Miriam and Zippy were there to greet them.  

After everyone got their luggage, the girls boarded the bus and we began our surprise trip with our first stop at Mitzpeh Rechavam, a beautiful look-out from above Har Ha-Zeitim. From there we viewed the entire Har Ha-Bayyit and talked about the history of davening for our return to this special place in Yerushalayim. The girls heard words of encouragement about learning Torah in Yerushalayim and making the most out of the year.  

Everyone received a Midreshet shirt with “Im Eshkachaich Yerushalayim” printed on it, and were thereby able to fulfill the practice of “tearing kriyah,” as a mourner does, upon seeing the ruins of Yerushalayim after many months (or years) of being away. A group photo with the Har Ha-Bayyit in the background was then in order of course (appearing soon in our website photo gallery) and we then proceeded to our next stop – the Kotel, where we davened Mincha together. It is our prayer that this is the first of many inspirational Tefillot that we will have this year.

That night, the dorm was full of friendly chit-chat, music and fun as the girls settled in, unpacked and became comfortable with their new friends and surroundings. Thank you to Shelby Binstock, our Eim Bayyit, and to all our madrichot, for staying up late and making sure everyone was settled and happy.

Wednesday was a busy day beginning with two mini shiurim given by our Rakazot, Rina Zinkin and Lauren Goldshmidt.  We then continued the day with check in and orientation. Later that afternoon, we headed to Kever Rachel and then to a BBQ at Rav Eitan and Sally Mayer. It was a fantastic evening with lots of ice-breaker games and fun to help everyone meet and become fast friends.

Today, Thursday, is registration day! Everyone's busy choosing their classes which will begin on Sunday.

Our first in-house Shabbaton of the year is coming up as well so stay tuned. 

Wishing everyone a fantastic year, filled with success, personal fulfillment and lots of fun!   





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