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First week at Midreshet

Last Thursday was registration day. We all gathered in the Beit Midrash and had a tutorial from Rav Eitan for registering online for our courses. Of course, since then we've tried out other courses as well – so hard to choose, but we're getting there!

Friday was spent preparing for our very first Shabbat BaBayit. We had a great opportunity to sit with new people at meals and continue to build & form new relationships with each other. All of the meals were filled with inspiring Divrei Torah by faculty and Shana Bet students, and beautiful shabbat zemirot. The Friday night meal was followed by a 'grammen' by Shana Bet and an uplifting oneg that lasted well into the night (but not TOO late because we're all still a bit jet lagged!)

On Shabbat day, Shachrit was followed by a kiddush complete with home-baked deserts (thanks to Bracha and Sally!) and Parsha learning sessions with Bracha & Rav Eitan. We enjoyed another great meal together and then went off to Mincha and menucha. After an afternoon spent hanging out in our dorm's common area & catching up on some much needed sleep, we reconvened for a panel on how to make the most of the year in Israel and seudat shlishit. Shabbat ended with singing and a joyful havdala.

After a good night's sleep, we arose bright and early for our first day of classes! It was so exciting to get to meet all of the teachers we had heard so much about and finally begin our learning with them.

On Tuesday evening, the Shana Alef girls were assigned their Rakazot and had an evening activity in their homes. They all bonded, met their Rakazot's families and wrote out personal goals for their year. 

On Wednesday afternoon, Shana Alef, together with Bracha Krohn and our amazing Madrichot (this is not an exaggeration!), had a break in routine with an afternoon trip to the beach! The girls ate s'mores and watched a beautiful sunset. A Special thank you to Millie Marcus for bringing her ukulele! It was a great afternoon.

Meanwhile, we (Shana Bet) have been enjoying being back in our Midreshet home and we're very excited to get to know the Shana Aleph girls and have an amazing year together!


Bina Colman and Avi Ehrlich,  Shana Bet




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