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Shana Tova!

This past week has been quite a busy one here at Midreshet! We're enjoying the new routine of our classes and still making some changes as we fine tune our schedules.

On Wednesday afternoon, while the Shana Alef girls headed to the beach to get to know each other outside of the classroom, we Shana Bet girls went to a ropes and zip lining course in the Gush.  It's so great to be back together again, inside and outside the classroom! 

On Thursday night we had our very first Mishmar to kick off the year given by our very own, Rav Lerner.

This shabbos was our first "out-Shabbos". Girls went to family, friends, and a few even went to new people that they didn't even know! Everyone came back to Midreshet refreshed and ready for the new week. the classroom the girls have been preparing for Rosh Hashana, learning about the minhagim and the importance of the holiday. On Motsei Shabbat and Sunday night, many  girls joined our Madrichot and went to Torah Shraga (Grus), Ma'aleh Adumin Hesder Yeshiva and the Kotel for Slichot.

Manny's came to school on Monday for our annual, beginning of the year Sefarim Sale and we were all able to buy books we needed for our classes. 

Everyone is really pumped and prepared for Rosh Hashana, but even more pumped to get back to classes on Sunday.

Wishing all Midreshet students a great year of learning and growing.

Shana Tova and Ktiva v'Chatima Tova to all Midreshet faculty, staff, alumnae friends!!  


Soochi Heideman and Yael Hausdorff, Shana Bet



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