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Beginning the New Year with Chessed

Shana tova to everyone! We had an amazing start to the New Year here at Midreshet Moriah.

Shana Alef began their year dispersed around Eretz Hakodesh staying by family, friends and teachers. Shana bet took on Alon Shvut at our teacher and coordinator, Leora Bednarsh. The davening was great and the food – amazing!   

Excited to be back together after the long three day Chag, we had a movie night in the dorms where we watched Pay It Forward, a great movie with a really powerful message to get us ready for Yyom Kippur.

We've had lots of alumnae, here for the yamim noraim, visiting Midreshet these days. If you hear shrieking coming from the office, it's just old friends excited to see each other again.

On Wednesday Shana Alef went on a chessed tour. They packed tons of food for needy families and a few girls had such an amazing time that they even stayed on later! Afterwards, they went on a tour of Shalva, an organization for handicapped children. It was a very moving trip!

After these past few weeks learning about Yom Kippur we are confident this will be our most powerful Yom Kippur yet!  Wishing everyone an easy and meaningful fast.

Gmar chatima tova!! 

Avigayil Jarashow, Julia Kandel and Emma Cohen, Shana Bet



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