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A Powerful Week

Wow! Another week at Midreshet flew by! As always, the week was full of excitement.

We started off the week in great spirits having just spent Shabbos at different teachers from Midreshet. All the girls were split up into groups and went to faculty members from all over. We got to experience new places and communities, spend more time with our teachers and eat awesome (HOMECOOKED) food!  

On Monday, we went on a fun tiyyul to Chevron. Led by an awesome, informative tour guide, we visited the holy site of Maarat Hamachpela, where we had a meaningful davening experience. After Maarat Hamachpela we headed over to the local pizza shop and enjoyed a tasty lunch while also supporting our fellow Jews in Chevron. 

Our trip was cut short due to the passing of Rav Ovadia Yosef (z"l). When we got back to school, we all met in the Beit Midrash where our Rebbeim spoke to us about Rav Ovadia Yosef to give us a further understanding of how influential he truly was. 

Afterwards, led by Rav Eitan and Rav Lerner, many of us walked to the funeral. It was a very impacting and powerful experience to see so many Jews coming together.

As the week winds down, we're enjoying our classes and looking forward to next week's 'Lech Lecha' tiyyul.  The Shana Bet girls also have a Shabbaton at Bracha's house this shabbos in Efrat! 


Rebecca Sharbat and Rebeah Wasserman, Shana Bet



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