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Save the Date!

It has been yet another amazing week at Midreshet Moriah! It feels great to get back into routine and have a week of full day learning after our fantastic/exhausting “Lech Lecha tiyul. Still, the fun continued as our wonderful madrichot arranged for us to have a zumba class in the convenience of our own school on Wednesday night. It felt awesome to let loose and learn a few cool dance moves while being able to do it with the group of girls we call “family.” 

Thursday night we had the honor of having Rina Coren speak to us at Mishmar. She gave us a shiur about what welcoming in the Kedusha of Shabbas means to each and every one of us, serving as the perfect introduction into bringing in this very special Shabbat. 

On Shabbat a group of our very own Shana Aleph Midmo girls, us included, decided to take a trip down to Chevron in honor of this past week's Parsha, Chayei Sarah. You could feel the excitement in the air while we put on our finest Shabbat clothing and headed down to pray in Me'arat Hamachpela. It was very exciting to stand in the place of our ancestors and to have so much knowledge about our history, thanks to the tiyul we had here at the beginning of the month.  

When our incredible Shabbat came to an end, we packed our bags and made our way back home to get a good nights rest before starting yet another amazing week at Midmo! 

Shana Bet had a special day on Monday. Soochi writes all about it:

In order to understand more about the organization, JobKatif, which Shana Bet is raising money for, we headed down south to visit some former members of the Gush Katif communities. We started in Nitzan, and heard Debbie's story and we watched 3 videos about the disengagement. After that, we visited Yehuda who with the help of JobKatif, now owns a hardware store. We then went to visit Isabelle, a hydro therapist who also received support from JobKatif when she opened up her new pool. Finally it was time for a break! We went to Cafe Cafe for lunch, yet another business which opened with the help of JobKatif. Last but not least, we went to visit Anita Tucker in her new home in the new community of Netzer Chazani. She taught us more about the disengagement and about her family's personal struggle. She now lives in a beautiful home among her old neighbors from Gush Katif.

Save the date for Shana Bet's exciting fundraising event on Monday night, December 23 - Chinese auction and fun entertainment! 


Batya Botach, Aliza Bressler, Shana Alef

Soochi Heideman, Shana Bet


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