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Here comes the Bride

This past Shabbat we went to the homes of our Rakazot Rina and Lauren in Ramat Eshkol. Friday night we all ate at Rina and Lauren's homes. The food was delicious (as expected) and we heard beautiful Divrei Torah. After the meal we heard a speech by Mrs. Jen Cutler and then all walked to Mea She'arim to hear Rebbetzin Rabinowitz who spoke to us about Chassidim and how they live. It was a great learning experience.

Shabbat day we were all split up at different families around Ramat Eshkol where we ate lunch and got to know wonderful new families. For Seudat Shlishit we had more guest speakers at our Rakazot's homes. It was truly a special Shabbat and we can't wait to go back to Ramat Eshkol again.

On Tuesday night, many girls went to the Great Synagogue to hear Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, former Chief Rabbi of the UK.  He spoke about the importance of unity in Am Yisrael and was incredibly inspiring.

Wednesday night was a lot of fun. Yehudit, a Yemenite woman, came to have a traditional Yemenite Henna with us. We learned the customs of the Yemenite Jews; specifically this pre-marriage ceremony celebrated a week before the wedding. Yehudit brought costumes, including ones for our bride (Vanessa Shnay) and groom (Naomie Bouaziz) and we all danced, gave ourselves hennas and had a great time experiencing the ways of the Yemenite Jews.


Shoshi Brin and Rivki Eckstein, Shana Alef


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