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Masada and Moonlight

This week, on Sunday, we all had a blast on our Masada hike/Moonlight tiyul! We were excited to see the familiar face of one of our Lech Lecha madrichim, Eytan, as our madrich again. As well as thrilled at the return of Rav Eitan who has been away for recruiting! We began at the bottom of Masada and as some girls geared up to begin the climb, others geared up to pay for the cable cars. When we all met at the top, we started our tour. Eytan told us all the stories of the fights between the Jews and the Romans, and moved us all with the tales of the Jews who died for this land. After snapping plenty of photos, we all rushed to begin our descent because the last cable car was leaving and G-d help us if we missed it!

We all met again at the bottom, davened mincha, had a snack and hung around until it was dark. We began our moonlight hike at the bottom of Masada, through the Judean desert just after sunset. During the hike, we all stopped on flat land and sat in a circle and sang together as Eytan played guitar. Evyatar handed out some glow sticks and we all enjoyed each others' company. At the end of the hike, dinner was waiting. We all enjoyed making ourselves sandwiches with deli and plenty of dips. It was yum! The day came to an end with us enjoying Krembo's and helping clean up before getting back on the bus and heading to our home, Midreshet. 

We're all so excited Chanukah is approaching and we're gearing up for our Menorah Making and Sufganiyot party this Sunday, as well as our Chanukkah Chagiga on December 1st!

So many exciting things happening as usual here at Midmo!

Hodaya Fried and Daniella Garson, Shana Alef


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