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All Lit Up!

Midreshet started out the week preparing for Chanukah in the dorms with a Chanukiyah making activity and sufganiah (donut) party. Each girl was given a base for her Menorah, mosaic pieces for decoration, and small metal bolts to use as candle holders. We all ate delicious jelly-filled donuts when we were finished, as an added bonus. The atmosphere during the activity was filled with excitement towards celebrating this special holiday is Israel. For a lot of us this is our first time being in Israel for Chanukah.

On Monday night Shana Bet had an amazing evening at the Berglas's. Pizza, a salad bar and three hours of experience sharing and soul searching – it was a perfect night!

On Wednesday, the first night of Chanukah, we had a Midreshet Moriah "family" candle lighting, where we all lit Chanukah candles together in the common area of our dorm. It was so nice saying the brachot together. We all shared tunes from home and the singing was very uplifting. Walking from the bus stop to our dorm we could see the glow of our Chanukiyot through the window – it was so beautiful!

Later that night a lot of us went to the Kotel and the Old City to experience the first night of Chanukah there. It was so nice seeing all the Chanukiyot lit outside along the streets leading down to the Kotel. There's no doubt that celebrating Chanukah here in Jerusalem is very special. A special touch to the evening was stopping at Café Roladin in Mamilla for their unique flavored sufganiyot. We'll definitely be going there again!

Tonight, Sarah Mael, with the help of a few other Midreshet girls and our catering company are preparing an amazing homemade Thanksgiving dinner. We can't wait!

We're also getting ready for our exciting Chanukah Shabbaton in the dorms this Shabbos and Chanukah Chagiga Sunday night. Stay tuned next week to hear all about it.   

Shula Goldstein and Stephanie Guz, Shana Alef



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