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Still Celebrating!

We all spent this past Shabbat  together in Midreshet Moriah with Bracha Krohn, her husband Rav Adi, Rav Zvi Ron and his family and Shelby Binstock , her husband Chaim Tzvi (and of course baby Ayala). We started off by lighting our Chanukiyot and Shabbat candles and then we all went to the Beit Midrash to daven together a truly beautiful Kabbalat Shabbat. After davening we all made our way upstairs for a delicious dinner and heard a lovely Dvar Torah given to us by Sarah Mael.

After dinner it was back to the Beit Midrash for a thought provoking activity with our Madrichot. We ended in a fun tisch with lots of candy and desserts and uplifting singing.

Shabbat morning, after davening of course, we had a delicious home baked kiddush complete with sufganiyot! Shana Alef & Bet then split up into another inspiring learning activity given by Bracha and Rav Adi. After we had lunch we had a beautiful Dvar Torah given to us by Megan Wasserstrom and then we all walked to the hospital Shul to daven Mincha. Dessert followed that (can't have a proper Shabbat lunch without it!); ice cream and brownies - delicious!.  

We then had free time and some girls challenged themselves to learn double dutch jump rope with Rav Ron's family. After Se'udat Shlisheet we all got together for more singing and Havdalah.

Sunday afternoon we had our amazing Chanukah Chagiga. Everyone dressed up in Chanukah themed costumes, such as menorahs, dreidels, Maccabees and Greeks to enhance the joyful spirit and to possibly win a free drink from Rebar for the best costume. Emma Rubenstein won the prize with her fantastic Maccabee costume. We all ate dinner together and then heard a beautiful Dvar Torah by Shiran Arusi. The night wouldn't have been complete though without upbeat dancing and an inspiring kumtziz. All in all, it was a fantastic evening.

Monday morning, Evyatar surprised us in the office with……yes, you guessed it - SUFGANIYOT!! This time from English Cake – jam, chocolate, vanilla and caramel. No one could resist them (some of us even had 2).

It's been an unbelievable Chanukah. The last 2 days we've had a break but we can't wait to get back to learning on Sunday!

Molli James and Miriam Ivry, Shana Alef


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