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Midreshet Braves the Snow Storm!

The snow that began on Thursday continued to fall and on Friday we found ourselves with no public transportation. Lucky for us, our amazing Madrichot, Zippy, Katie and Miriam and our teacher Aliza were with us in the dorms so we decided to trek through the snow to the Supermarket across the street and we bought  all the ingredients needed to create an amazing and impromptu in Shabbat. Everyone came together to help cook, clean and set up. We had an awesome Shabbat together!!!

Motzei Shabbat we went out all geared up for sledding and we had a huge snowball fight! As Midreshet girls do, we noticed plenty of chessed opportunities and without a second thought helped multiple people get their cars out of the deep snow! 

Sunday was yet another snow day with our teachers stranded inside and out of Jerusalem. Bracha kept in touch with us with constant sms's and updates on activities and learning that she managed to arrange. That evening we rehearsed for the upcoming Kedma choir competition and had a movie night.

On Monday, Evyatar and Leora Bednarsh (who made it in from Gush Etzion) taught classes.  We had Skype shiur with Bracha and also had a special speaker, Rachel Schwartzbaum (Bamboo Cradle). That night Rav Teller walked (!) to Midreshet from his home in Maalot Dafna and gave us a wonderful shiur.

We are so thankful to the caterer who made a special effort and delivered our meals and to Midmo (we love you!) for Monday night coupons!!

On Tuesday, life got back to normal with most of our teachers in - we were all so happy to see them!
On Tuesday night after Beis, the Gift of Life Bone Marrow Foundation came to speak to us. They explained what their organization does and how with the swab of a cheek cell they are able to save lives of people. Yifat Kadosh, Marci Schwartz, Shiran Arusi and Jordana Moldovan were the volunteers who helped us swab. Many girls swabbed and we hope some are a match.

Although the snow and weather stopped everything in Yerushaliyim, the warmth from Midreshet never faded as we made the most out of it! :)


Ariella Prais and Jordana Moldovan, Shana Alef


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