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Jam packed week!

As usual, this week was packed with activities and trips galore. Last Thursday, we had the amazing opportunity to hear from people who devote themselves to chessed on a daily basis. The day started with a piece by the Netivot Shalom that highlighted important ideas about chessed. Later, there was a panel where questions such as balancing life and chessed were answered.

The week continued with an Aliyah movie night in preparation for our trip to greet 75 new olim on a Nefesh b'Nefesh flight arriving Tuesday. We left bright and early Tuesday morning with loads of signs to welcome the new olim and lot's of 'ruach'! Shana Bet and Darkaynu also joined us which made the morning even more special.

After greeting the olim we went on to tour the port of Yafo which in addition to being a beautiful sight carries much historical significance.

There's excitement in the air as we prepare for a Shabbaton in Tzfat that begins on Friday – Stay tuned!

Shelly Reizin and Chana Rivka Rapp, Shana Alef


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