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Sneak Peak at New Kitchen

Although this week in Midreshet was a bit quieter than others, we still managed to make it special! On Tuesday, those of us participating in the Beit Midrash learning program with Midreshet Darkaynu headed up to Har Herzl.  By cleaning up fallen branches, we made the cemetery a more honorable place for our fallen soldiers. Along with that, every Tuesday we learn an endless amount from the amazing girls from Darkaynu!

That night, we also enjoyed a fun movie night in the dorms, set up by our wonderful Madrichot.
This Friday, some of us plan on going to daven Vatikin at the Kotel in honor of Rosh Chodesh and to greet Adar Aleph b'simcha!

Breaking news! The new dorm kitchen is almost complete. Next week the new tiles will be going up and the final installation of the ovens will be completed.  We can't wait to use it!

We are looking forward to next week with faculty shabbatonim and the Nachal Og Tiyul coming up! Till then….Have a great Shabbat.

Lizzie Green and Miki Leichtung, Shana Alef


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