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Last Thursday, we were privileged to get a visit from the Kalover Rebbe. He gave us an inspiring Dvar Torah about Purim and reminded us all how lucky we are to be learning in Israel for a year. After he spoke, each girl was able to get a personal Bracha from the Rebbe.

That night, the madrichot planned an exciting night activity of jewelry making in the dorms. It was so much fun to bond with everyone! 

We started off this week with a trip to Yad Vashem. We were led by two amazing tour guides that really enhanced our experience. Although many of us have been there before, it was truly eye opening and we realized how much more there is to learn. Many of us are looking forward even more now to our trip to Poland. 

We also welcomed back Rav Berglas and Vicky who have been in America. It is so great to have them back – Midreshet is just not the same without them! 

This morning we have a special 'yom iyun' on Shabbat. Stay tuned next week for all the details….Shabbat Shalom!

Rina Rieger and Lyndsey Pere, Shana Alef



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