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Va'yehi Erev Va'yehi Boker

After a full week of learning, we found ourselves last Friday morning at 10:30am on our towards Beit She'an (Cleveland's sister city!!). We started the day at Ein Muda with a lovely picnic, a beautiful view and delicious falafel. We then headed to Ma'ayan Charud and prepared for Shabbat.

We spent an amazing Shabbat with Bracha's, Malka's and Shelby's families. We had beautiful davening, delicious food and great sessions on the topic of "Seven habits of highly effective Jews" spin off Steven Covey's bestseller. On Motzei Shabbat, to our surprise, the madrichot creatively broke out color war. Cheering started immediately as we were divided up into our team's erev (blue) and boker (yellow). Everyone was handed great t-shirts and the fun began.

Sunday morning started off with Vatikin by the Kotel. From there we had relay races in the park. These included over-under and human pyramid. Throughout the day we had various competitions between the teams; dodge ball, minute to win it, and board games. Rav Eitan ran the annual Torah Bowl featuring questions on Purim and Pesach. The day ended with final performances from both teams with boker (yellow) winning the treasured title. We and our voices are still trying to recover, but it was a blast!

The next morning, in the spirit of v'na-ha-foch-hu, we had a delicious omelette breakfast prepared for us by Midreshet sous-chef's Vicky, Ruthie, Bracha, Shelby, Bracha and Rav Lerner aka 'High Flipper'.

Wonder what other Adar fun is in store? Stay tuned……and have  a wonderful shabbat!

Esther Endfield and C.Z. Edelstein



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