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We honestly can't believe that it's almost the last Midreshet newsletter before Pesach vacation! This year is flying. This past week was full of Pesach preparations. On Thursday we had a Pesach panel where we were able to ask any and all of or Pesach FAQ's. Bracha emc'eed as we posed our questions to Rav Eitan, Rav Lerner Aliza and Malka.

On Friday many Midreshet girls woke up at the crack of dawn to participate in the annual Jerusalem marathon. We ran for different organizations we were involved with in some way this year. Some ran, some walked, some even crawled but we all made the finish line sweaty-faced and smiling.

During our lunch break on Sunday, we bought Haggadot at the Pomerantz book sale which takes place every year in our Beit Midrash and on Wednesday we had great weather for the planned tiyul with Keren Kayemet.

We worked on the Land of Israel hands on - pruning trees in the Masuot Yitzchak forest in Gush Etzion. We began the morning at the 'Alon HaBoded' (the lone oak tree) as our Keren Kayemet guide retold the riveting story of the rise and fall of Gush Etzion. She explained to us the special meaning of the lone oak that inspired the widows and orphans of those killed defending the Gush, to return and rebuild the area. After pruning the trees, we explored a Maayan nearby, Ein Sighma (also known as Ein Yitzchak), and had a yummy BBQ prepared for us by Evyatar and Rav Lerner.

Thanks to Bracha for stopping the bus on the way back to Midreshet to buy us parve ice cream bars! A great way to end a great day!

Talia Gottesman and Malka Russell, Shana Alef


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