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Pesach Goodbyes

This past week was filled with fun events. We started off Wednesday with a model Seder. We all went down to the chadar ochel where our amazing madrichot set up a fun filled Seder night: Teachers went over the beginning steps of the seder with creative dippings and karpas.  We then divided up into sessions on magid – we could go around and hear about the parts of magid that we were most interested in – followed by a hallel/nirtzah over "afikomen" (ices!). We made sure to end the night before chatzot, of course!

Thursday night Robby Berman, the founder and the director of the Halachic Organ Donor Society, came to speak to us about organ donations as our late night Mishmar. He taught us the medical and halachic issues surrounding brain-stem death and we heard about the latest controversial Israeli legislation on organ donation. Truly insightful!

As our last shabbos before Pesach, we all spent it together in Midreshet, so we could have bonding time before we disperse for a month. Friday night began with kabbalat Shabbat and a delicious seudah with singing and divrei torah, followed by a fun game (courtesy of our madrichot) in the Beit Midrash. We then had a beautiful tisch with desserts and more singing, late into the night. Shabbat morning we all davened and had parsha sessions with Neima and Sally Mayer before moving on to our second meal and an afternoon break. There was optional learning before and after the menucha, and a session with Aliza, Sepha and Rav Eitan about the Omer and time before seudah shlishit. All in all it was an amazing shabbos. There are mixed emotions here at Midreshet as we gear up to leave for Pesach break. About thirty girls are taking on Poland and left Monday evening with Vicky, Avichayil and Michal for an emotional journey. Many girls are staying in Israel over vacation and are looking forward to spending time exploring, spending time with teachers and enjoying the amazing weather!

We are all looking forward to coming back to Midreshet after the Pesach break for the most exciting and inspiring 6 weeks!

Chag Kasher v'Same'ach!

Rivital Grunbaum and Sarah Shapov, Shana Alef


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