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To the North and Beyond

It's been an amazing week here at Midreshet Moriah! We started off strongly with our usual unbelievable classes and are now ending with an incredible tiyul. 

On Tuesday, Rabbi Weil, the head Rabbi of the OU, spoke to us about the amazing opportunity of becoming an NCSY advisor back at home (IF we're back home ;)). Later that night, two representatives from The Shalom Task Force gave us an informative session that each one of us gained a lot from, about building a strong foundation for a happy and healthy marriage. In addition to these events, we had a surprise meeting with Rav Eitan, Bracha, and Ruthie about the future of Midreshet Moriah. Unfortunately, Midreshet has to move out of the building we've called home for 28 years. But fortunately, our amazing Midreshet staff found us an even better new home in Beit HaKerem, just a stone’s throw from where we are located now. We saw great photos and we’re all so excited for the future of Midreshet Moriah.

On Wednesday we began our tiyul to the north. We started off in Nachal Meron, where we hiked with our incredible tour guide Jamie (whose wife is actually a Midreshet Moriah alumnus). Jamie taught us about the fascinating history of the location. We were all blown away with the gorgeous views and scenic hiking path. After the hike, we went to the Kever of Rav Yonatan Ben Uziel in Amukah for mincha. After visiting the kever, we went to beautiful lookout called Gadot and heard the story of Elie Cohen, one of Israel's brave spies. We ended the day with a very inspiring shiur by our beloved Bracha and a fun game led by our spectacular madrichot.

It's been a very eventful week here at Midreshet – can’t wait to see what’s in store for us tomorrow, the second day of our tiyul!

Stay tuned….

Michelle Shakib and Marci Schwartz, Shana Alef


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