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Another Amazing Week!

It’s been another amazing week at Midreshet Moriah. After returning home Thursday night from our two-day tiyul up North, we were all so tired from having too much fun. Thursday morning, we were given the option of two hikes in Nachal Zavitan: a four-hour hike or a six-hour hike. Those who wanted a more vigorous challenge chose to do the six-hour hike, and those who wanted a less intense day but appreciated the opportunity to explore nature, did the four-hour hike. Next, we went rafting and kayaking in the Jordan River. We had so much fun splashing each other and trying to get through the rapids together! As evening fell, we began our three-hour trip home.

We all rushed to come back to school Motzei Shabbos to gather firewood for our very own Lag Ba’ Omer bonfire. We sang, danced, roasted marshmallows, and baked pita bread around the fire. It was such an exciting first time Lag Ba’Omer experience in Israel. 

On Monday, we were privileged to hear Rabbi Robby Charnoff from JLIC speak to us about the different programs they have to offer in the various colleges we will be attending this fall. JLIC is a program that helps Orthodox students navigate the college environment, and balance their Jewish commitments with their desire to engage the secular world.

We have been working hard to raise money for Gush Katif Kallot and finally, on Tuesday night, we were able to throw a bridal shower for Dovrat and Yair, a young couple whose families were expelled from their homes in 2005.  We gifted them with basics such as bedding, simple appliances and kitchen equipment to begin their new lives together. We decorated our Beit Midrash with pink streamers and set up a table with homemade desserts from our beautiful new Midreshet kitchen. It was such a rewarding opportunity for us and we had so much fun sharing in their simcha!

There are only a few weeks left - can’t wait to see what else is in store for us!    

Risa Schwartz and Sara Schapira



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