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It’s been another great week at Midreshet Moriah! This week’s Mishmar featured Rabbi Moshe  Lichtman, who spoke to us about the importance of living in Israel. Afterwards, we had an opportunity to buy his books.

Being in Israel for Shavuot was an unbelievable experience! We stayed up all night and had the chance to hear Shiurim from our fellow students. Twenty two girls spent weeks preparing and their hard work really paid off. There were two to three shiurim being held simultaneously starting at 10:40pm. At 3:15am we started to make our way to the Kotel to Daven Vatikin. On our way there we saw hundreds of Jews walking towards the old city and it felt like we were back in the times of the Beit Hamikdash doing Aliyah La'regel ourselves. After we finished davening, Midreshet provided breakfast for us at our favorite techie, Avichayil Afre's, apartment!

We are so sad to see this year to come to an end but we’re looking forward to our last Shabbat together and our end of the year Banquet which will take place on Sunday.

Talia Gottesman and Elana Zelden, Shana Alef


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