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Class of 5774 says Goodbye

After ten months together in Midreshet, it has finally come the time for us to say goodbye. We reluctantly had our last Shabbat together and our last shiurim this past Sunday morning.

Shabbat was beautiful and although it was our last in Midreshet, we were all so lucky to spend it together with our amazing teachers. 

We had such a fun activity on Friday night where we played a charades game, each word reminding us of hilarious, silly and inspiring moments from our year. We ended the night laughing away, followed by a lovely tisch. Shabbat day we had shiurim throughout the afternoon and time to schmooze with Rav Eitan and Bracha. We also had a panel where we could ask questions and were given advice for next year- how to make sure we stay on the great level we all achieved this year and continue our learning and growth. It was such an uplifting Shabbat with all our friends who we've shared a fantastic year with. It was a Shabbat we will never forget.

After our last shiurim Sunday morning, we could hardly believe it was already time to get ready for our banquet. We started off at the kotel to say our final goodbyes and introspect on the people we’ve had the opportunity to become this year. We then made our way to Ruthie’s balcony overlooking Jerusalem, for our Mesibat Siyum.

We started off the night with a siyum made by Adi Shulman as she finished learning all of Tanach! Congratulations Adi – you have truly inspired us. Marci Schwartz had us spell bound as well with her wonderful speech and later on in the evening Shiran and Rivka presented the Midrasha with beautiful mezuzot for the new building. Between hugs, tears and thank you’s (lots of picture taking and delicious food too…), different students got up to thank each member of faculty and staff for making their year as amazing as it was. We heard Divrei Torah and last words of advice from Rav Eitan and Rav Berglas and we then ended off the night with a recap video put together by our forever amazing madrichot, Katie, Zippy and Miriam, reminding us of all the fun times we had together here at Midreshet Moriah.  

We’re looking forward to visiting Midreshet in its new building. To us, Midreshet will always have a special place in our hearts, wherever it is.

Miriam Einhorn and Ariella Prais, Shana Alef, Class of 5774







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