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They're Here! Welcome Midreshet 5775!

It’s been a hectic week at Midreshet setting up the new building for the arrival of the new class of 5775. With lots to do only a few days, everyone pitched in to help; staff, madrichot and of course we shana bet’ers worked round the clock to make sure our new home would be ready. The group flight landed at Ben Gurion airport Wednesday evening and Bracha Krohn, our Director of Guidance, Shelby Binstock, our Eim Bayit and two of our madrichot, Leora and Danielle were there to greet them.

The girls went straight to the Kotel from the airport where they were all welcomed by Bracha.  Bracha spoke about taking advantage of all the opportunities we will have this year and Sepha Sheinbein, our events coordinator set the tone for the first tefilla at the Kotel by talking about Elul and introspection. Everyone received a Midreshet t-shirt and the first class of 5775 photo was taken. Afterwards they came back to school for a pizza dinner and an introduction to the school, other staff members, and Shana bet who were eagerly waiting to meet them with ‘grammen’.  

Thursday was orientation with a ‘round robin’ of getting to know Midreshet and how to make the most of the year. In the afternoon we all went to Kever Rachel and then on to Rav Eitan Mayer’s house for an opening bbq. There was great food and we had a lot of fun getting to know each other.

We look forward to a relaxing shabbos in school this week where we will continue to get to know and bond with who we will call family this year!

Aliza Bressler and Emma Rubenstein, Shana Bet


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