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What a Week!

What an exciting and jam packed week here we had at Midreshet! We started off the week with an incredible Shabbat babayit! All of the Midreshet students, along with some of our amazing faculty and their families: Rav Eitan Mayer, Bracha Krohn, Leora Bednarsh, Shelby Binstock, Sepha Sheinbein, Aliza Schwartz, Evyatar Katz, Avichayil Arfe and of course our fantastic madrichot..  We spent Shabbat in Beit Hakerem (otherwise known as Midreshet’s new home). Over the course of Shabbat we heard inspiring Divrei Torah, enjoyed delicious food made by the one and only Fagie (The Gush Gourmet), and had a blast at the oneg and tisch Friday night. On Shabbat day, the Shana aleph students participated in a round robin, where they were able to hear from many of our teachers, in addition to hearing from a panel of teachers, madrichot, and shana bet who answered some of their questions and concerns about beginning their Shana ba’Aretz.

Sunday was the official start of classes. With ‘midmorechoices’, we have a huge variety of classes to choose from. We also have many new teachers joining us this year, as well as many new and exciting classes to choose from!

On Tuesday, Shana bet were privileged to hear from a representative of JobKatif, an organization intended to find jobs for those driven out of their homes in Gush Katif in 2005. Shana bet will be working very closely to JobKatif in the upcoming months in order to help raise both money and awareness of this amazing non-profit organization. 

Yesterday, there was a Chesed fair for Shana Alef.  Representatives of various Chesed organizations came and presented the many volunteering opportunities available. Kedma, One family fund, Nofei Yerushalyim, Ethiopian Project, Shalva and of course Shaarei Tzedek were just a few of the opportunities presented. Afterwards, the girls prepared fun stuff to take over to the pediatric ward at Sha'arei Tzedek. Everyone is really excited for their volunteering to begin!

Have a great Shabbat.

Sarah Chubak, Shana Bet


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