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Short but Sweet!

It’s been too short a week in Midreshet! On Thursday we had another book sale from Pommeranz books. Lots of girls bought Machzorim for Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur and books which they look forward to reading and be inspired from. 

On Friday, Shana bet had a tiyul to Eretz Ha'ayalim where we completed ropes courses, went rock climbing and zip lining. It was amazing! This trip led into a Shana bet Shabbaton in Alon Shvut hosted by our Shana bet coordinator, Leora Bednarsh. After Shabbos we packaged Rosh Hashana baskets for Jobkatif, a program which we are working closely with this year. Thank you Leora for a wonderful time!

On Sunday night we had a fun dorm activity organized by our Madrichot. We decorated place cards for our ‘makom’ in the Beit Midrash. Now we really feel at home.

We’ve been making final changes in our schedules to ensure we make the most out of our year. We also went to slichot this week in different places. Girls have gone to Migdal Oz, Maale Adumim, the Kotel, and Gruss (YU). During classes we’ve been doing our final prep to get ready for Rosh Hashana so that it will be a more meaningful experience for us. We’re all very excited about spending Rosh Hashana with our friends, families and faculty all over Israel.

Shana Tova!!

Aliza Bressler and Emma Rubenstein, Shana Bet


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